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sound of building coffins cover

regarding modern incivility and racism

I hate to say it, but I think these two recent instances of extreme incivility, Congressman Joe Wilson and Kanye West, prove that racism of all sorts is alive and well in America.

I have no doubt that Joe Wilson would have kept his big mouth shut had President Obama been a white man, just as I have no doubt that Kanye West would have managed to keep his ass in his chair had Taylor Swift been a black woman.

Now, some folks might call me racist for noticing this. But I think we are all in a lot of trouble if we don't acknowledge these things for what they are. Sometimes what's obvious can't be strictly proved, but is just the same.




I agree with you on both points. Especially with West. He was seen with a bottle before the show, and that bottle just let his big annoying mouth fly.
I believe you're right. If our President was white, would he be subject to such gross disrespect? Would his proposals be opposed, not with opinions or contrary facts but with conscious untruths?

I did not see the incident with Taylor Swift, but I do maintain that racism exists in all racial groups; we are all of us only too happy to have an "other" to vilify.
I think it's been the race thing all along. A friend in Florida told me that, the day after the election on her college campus there were prayer groups complete with actual weeping and gnashing of teeth.

There are a group of people, let's call them "9/12s" or "Teabaggers," that cannot stand the idea of a Black President. I'm sure it keeps some of them up at night.

After eight years of "Shrub" I'm enjoying the shoe being on the other foot, (and that foot usually firmly implanted in mouth.)
i think obama should've come back with "your mom lies!"

but you know, at least sometimes it's blatant instead of subtle....
sound of building coffins cover

December 2009



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