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sound of building coffins cover

1941: when whitey's lindy hoppers ruled the earth

Be sure and catch the second half of this video, which showcases the best swing dance routine you will ever see, and I mean EVER see.


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I love when you post these.

It's funny, because you're re-introducing me to "real" jazz, for lack of a better word. Now that I think about it, there probably is an actual term for it. I've always loved big band and swing music, but I rarely listened to jazz.

Somewhere along the way, I got turned off to "jazz" but I think it's because I went and listened to something they were calling "jazz fusion" and it just didn't strike a chord with me (pun intended).

I like the blues, sparingly. Our local NPR station has a weekday "Blue Plate Special" hour at lunchtime which is all blues, and I often find that's too much for me.
Oh good lord, I hate "jazz fusion." It is the obnoxious combination of jazz and rock, and it basically killed jazz as an artform.

As a general rule, most of the great jazz music was recorded before 1970, though there are certainly exceptions.

I think you would like much of the early jump-swing type stuff, and maybe even some of what was called "modern jazz" or bebop.
That's just...wow. I'm exhausted just watching it. Amazing. --Lin

Hi Lin. Yes, ain't it great?
sound of building coffins cover

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