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I know that, as a published New Orleans writer, I should say only kind things, if anything, about other published New Orleans writers, but I am also learning that this is sometimes the most difficult thing about being a published New Orleans writer. The problem is that, as a New Orleanian, you want to defend New Orleans.
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the newest panic regarding bookselling


Interesting article about the recent crazy deep-discounting of new release books at the mega chains and Amazon. 

I think the panic is unwarranted. First, it's not new. When I was a teenager in Baltimore in the 70s, there was a department store called Korvette at the Perring Plaza that used to have ridiculous way-below-cost sales on LP records advertised every week. I'm talking new releases for $2.99 and $3.99 and so forth (this was when a new release typicaly cost $7.99 to $9.99). Now, the catch was they put the record section of the store upstairs, and way in the back -- so you virtually had to walk past everything else to get to the records. I was 14, so I never got suckered into buying new bedsheets or toaster ovens, but that was the idea. It's the same as this. These discounts are exactly the same as spending big money on advertising. Do little stores freak out when big stores spend more on ads?


Also, when I had my record shop in the French Quarter, I was competing with Virgin and Tower -- but I wasn't concerned with those stores. I was more concerned about Music Factory and Magic Bus -- because I knew my customers didn't want to shop at "mega-stores," they wanted to shop at a little mom & pop shop, full of character, love and expertise. I feel the same way about shopping at small bookstores. I don't think it's just me.


I wonder of anyone I know at small bookstores are really "feeling" this. Thoughts?


Also, I think any move that gets more people reading fiction these days is a good move. That's why I'm also OK with these electronic readers. It is best for everyone if reading, as an entertainment form, finds a way to keep affordable and modern. 

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the fight for america's soul continues

Mixed results in last night's elections. Human decency and and civil rights took a hit in Maine, but gained momentum in Washington State. Two new GOP governors -- but the crazy-ass Palin/Beck Candidate fell on his face in New York's 23rd district. People are calling it a comeback for the GOP, but I think that is sensationalizing it. This doesn't change too much (unless you are a gay person in Maine, where the fight for civil rights will NOT END until the haters eventually lose out, which they will).

Keep fighting. What else is there?

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the most hated man in new orleans

Ed Blakely, the very well-paid, do-nothing, shit-where-you-eat "recovery czar" of New Orleans is richly deserving of your contempt. Please give it to him.

I keep wanting to address this in detail, but every time I try to orgainize my thoughts on the subject I feel my blood pressure rise, and my doc tells me that's not good.

Sincere thanks to the staff of the Times-Picayune for this spot-on editorial.

Read it, pass it on.


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beautiful apartment for rent in the faubourg marigny, new orleans

It's time for you to rent our lovely little two-bedroom apartment in the Marigny. This is a real recession special, as we have knocked 200 bucks off the montly rent. We are doing this because we want someone nice, who will stay awhile. If you are responsible and courteous, we want you to make our home your home.

For description and photos, please click here.
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UPDATE: the very VERY bad cat known as Sophia has been found! Thanks to everyone for your efforts and concern.

Please help us find Sophia. We are frantic.

She is an indoor cat who got out, and is probably very scared. Last seen on the 600 block of Mandeville Street in the Marigny.

More pictures and info here:

If you live in New Orleans, please pass this on.

Thank you.

Louie & Elly
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regarding modern incivility and racism

I hate to say it, but I think these two recent instances of extreme incivility, Congressman Joe Wilson and Kanye West, prove that racism of all sorts is alive and well in America.

I have no doubt that Joe Wilson would have kept his big mouth shut had President Obama been a white man, just as I have no doubt that Kanye West would have managed to keep his ass in his chair had Taylor Swift been a black woman.

Now, some folks might call me racist for noticing this. But I think we are all in a lot of trouble if we don't acknowledge these things for what they are. Sometimes what's obvious can't be strictly proved, but is just the same.