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sound of building coffins cover

foe paw

I know that, as a published New Orleans writer, I should say only kind things, if anything, about other published New Orleans writers, but I am also learning that this is sometimes the most difficult thing about being a published New Orleans writer. The problem is that, as a New Orleanian, you want to defend New Orleans.


You can take comfort from the fact there are many fine New Orleans (and Louisiana) writers, writing all different kinds of books. Great books of scholarship too. And that NO possesses an authentic literary culture.

Love, c.
Oh, I am aware of the good. Remember, I live in the middle of it.

Unfortunately, the bad is very bad, and tends to be bad very loudly.
Yes, You do. And what you said in the un-edited message -- yes, a thousand times yes.

It's like here at Ground Zero -- particularly the first years.

We were still breathing the dead here, in our apartment.

We always remind people who ask about what they should so and who they should look up in NO -- that Katrina's not over, and for many it never will be.

That's our great privilege -- we'e there so much, but we aren't living there. So we are the ultimate inside outsiders. It's a LOT easier than for those who LIVE there.

You NEVER know a place unless you live there, meaning work, meaning everything else.

Love, C.
No, it's not over. Because you never stop breathing the dead. The water never really goes down. All of it is part of what you become, what you are and always will be.

Thanks for getting it. Not many do, and I don't blame them for it. I needed that, and appreciate it.

When Ned did his reading at the festival I felt his anger, it was real. I'm sorry he has to feel that, but glad he can express it so eloquently and respectfully. You are good people, and I consider you both honorary New Orleanians. If anyone ever gives you guff about that send em over to see your crazy-ass friend in the Marigny.

Love back atcha.
Ned and I found that for some reason the anger we held for 9/11 and couldn't express -- well, it wasn't even as great as the anger we felt about Katrina -- and could express. In some ways they are the same, meaning allowed to happen by the same criminalsyndicate for their own gain.

I'm not a conspiracist. What we mean is not 'caused' actively, but ALLOWED to happen through active criminal negligence.

With 9/11 -- it seems the further away from it you are the more pretentiously you holler and the more you wanted to kick Iraq's ass -- that had nothing to do with it. The Downtowners marched AGAINST the invasion. And then, all the writers rushed in to OWN 9/11, fiction and non, particularly those who weren't here. Saw exactly the same thing with Katrina.

Love, C.
I absolutely agree. I also noticed how those who want to use 9/11 as their own personal excuse for crappy behavior are the same ones who look at New York City with such contempt, calling the residents "liberal elitists" and whatnot. Despicable.

Meanwhile, it's the victims themselves who are constantly calling for peace and compassion.
sound of building coffins cover

December 2009



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