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sound of building coffins cover

beautiful apartment for rent in the faubourg marigny, new orleans

It's time for you to rent our lovely little two-bedroom apartment in the Marigny. This is a real recession special, as we have knocked 200 bucks off the montly rent. We are doing this because we want someone nice, who will stay awhile. If you are responsible and courteous, we want you to make our home your home.

For description and photos, please click here.


*sigh* If I had a job to go to down there...and could afford the rent...I'd be there in a heartbeat.
It is perfect.

Now, if only a couple of things would come through ....

Did you all find your missing kitty?

Love, C.
Hi C --

Yes, the missing kitty was found. Such a relief. She was nearby, but hiding very well.

BTW, it was a real honor to introduce your hubby at the Louisiana Book Fest.
As there had been no further news, I had feared for the worst. Thank goodness it ended well!

It was also your birthday the next day, if I'm remembering my dates right. As you weren't here, I posted your bd wishes over at my place.

He was sorry you all didn't get to chat a bit. He was very happy with that it turned out so well, as the last appearance of the day.

Love, C.

BTW, he'll be back in NO 11 / 11, with a concert of the repetoire from "Kiss You Down South" at the New Orleans Art Museum, at 6:30 pm, I believe.

Love, C.
sound of building coffins cover

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