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UPDATE: the very VERY bad cat known as Sophia has been found! Thanks to everyone for your efforts and concern.

Please help us find Sophia. We are frantic.

She is an indoor cat who got out, and is probably very scared. Last seen on the 600 block of Mandeville Street in the Marigny.

More pictures and info here: http://neworleans.craigslist.org/laf/1404465240.html

If you live in New Orleans, please pass this on.

Thank you.

Louie & Elly


I'm so sorry to hear about your kitty! I hope you find her! I'll pass this along to people I know in NO!
Sophia has been found!! Thanks again...
That's wonderful!!
I don't live in N.O. but I hope you find her soon. She's a beautiful cat.

If you haven't micro-chipped her yet I would recommend that.
She's mircrochipped and has a tag, thanks.
Sophia has been found!! Thanks again...
I'm so glad you found her, (or she found you.) Sometimes cats get out and go "walkabout" (as the Aussies say.)
Apparently so. But no more -- she is officially grounded for life!! :)
Wish I could help, but Colorado Springs is a wee bit too far north. I hope you find her soon - please keep us posted! She looks like a sweetheart.
Sophia has been found!! Thanks again...
Fingers crossed---I hopeo you find her soon, poor sweet baby.
Sophia has been found!! Thanks again...
That's wonderful news! I'm glad she's okay--being a cat owner, I know that sense of panic!
Exactly -- every worse case scenario you can imagine runs through your mind at once. Thanks again.
Huzzah is right :)
Glad she was found. Cats have the habit of disappearing and coming back eventually. :)
And, you know -- we know that! But still we were as worried as we were. This is a tough neighborhood :)
Oh yes I understand. When it happens to yours it is easy to imagine the worst. Fortunately she turned up ok! :)
Thank goodness! I hope you gave the bad kitty all kinds of snuggles after her little adventure.
awww...glad you found Sophia!
thank you! :)
Happy birthday!
Thank you :)
sound of building coffins cover

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